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Raipur the Capital City of Chhattisgarh state

Raipur the capital of Chhattisgarh State is situated on NH6(Kolkata-Dhulia) and also connected to NH 43(Raipur-Vishakhapatnam) and NH 200 (Raipur-Ranchi) Connected with all important cities of the country by Rail and all the metros by Air. Indian Air Lines, Jet Airways, Air Decan, A copy of Railway time table &flight timings is enclosed for reference. The maximum temperature of Raipur ranges between 30-34°c during September

Important Place of Tourist Interests:

  1. Rajim:- 49 Km from Raipur Temple of rajiv lochan made of brick in 8th century on bank of Mahanadi River and Temple of Kuleshwar Mahadev on confluence of Mahanadi and Pairi River, constructed in 11th century
  2. Champaran:- 10 Km from Rajim Birth place of Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya and old Shiva Temple of Champeshwar.
  3. Sirpur:- 80 Km from Raipur of the bank of Mahanadi River. Has been capital of Dakshin Kosala (6th to 10th century) are visited by Huein Isang (a Chinese Traveller) In 7th century Excavation work in progress.
  4. Dongargarh:- 108 Km from Raipur Bamleshwari Devi Temple on top of Dongargarh hill. Ropeway facility available. There is 30 teet high Budha Idol on pragyagini Parvat maintained by Indor Japan Budhist society.
  5. Chitrakot Fall:- 340 Km from Raipur (38 km from Jagdalpur) abrupt fall of about 100 fit in Indravati River in Horse shou curve. Jagdalpur is 300 Km from Raipur.
  6. Dantewada:- 85 Km from Jagdalpur Ancient Temple of Godness Danteshwari (Shakti Peeth)
  7. Kutumsar Caves:- 40 Km from jagdalpur Cave with stalactite and stalagmite columms entrance in small passage of 5 feet height and 3 feet width.
  8. Bhilai Steel Plant:- 30 Km from Raipur.
  9. Amarkantak:- 220 Km from Raipur, 110 Km from Bilaspur Source of River Narmada and River Sone various herbs are found and is a holyplace.

The 44% area of Chhattisgarh is covered by forest. The important wild life sanctuaries are as follows.

  1. Achanakmar Sanctury:- 173 Km from Raipur and 58 Km from Bilaspur
  2. Bar Nawapara Sanctuary:- 125 Km from Raipur (245 Sq. Km)
  3. Udanti Sanctuary:- 175 Km from Raipur (248 Sq. Km)
  4. Sitnadi Sanctuary:- 175 Km from Raipur (253 Sq. Km)
  5. Kanger Velly National Park:- Near Jagdalpur (200 Sq. Km)

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