Privileges of IEI Membership

The Privileges of Membership

  • Receive IEI’s journals, technical monographs, papers, conference proceedings.
  • Receive copies of IEI News and Technorama free of charge.
  • Access web-based e-groups for professional interaction.
  • Access the Engineering Information Service Centre at the Headquarters as well as at the State and Local Centres.
  • Participate in continuing education programmes at the Engineering Staff College of India, Hyderabad and at the State and Local Centres.
  • Participate in numerous seminars, symposia, conventions, workshops, lectures, conferences, congresses and other events held at national, regional and local levels.
  • Participate in international conferences.
  • Enjoy facilities and benefits from 24 foreign professional bodies with whom IEI has bilateral relationships.
  • Act as arbitrators in arbitration matters relating to engineering jobs and services.
  • Share ideas, know-how and experience with fellow members by publishing articles in IEI’s journals.
  • Receive and stay in retiring rooms available at the Headquarters and at Centres at concessional rates.

How IEI strengthens your voice

  • Speaks on behalf of the engineering profession locally, nationally and globally
  • Connects engineers on wider issues from water infrastructure to sustainable development
  • Coordinates major national and international initiatives.
  • Sponsors programmes to foster wider interest in the engineering profession amongst non-engineers
  • Publishes a large number of widely disseminated technical journals

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