History Of Centre

The Institution Of Engineers (INDIA)

Raipur Local Centre / Chhattisgarh Sate Centre

History :- Student Chapter –                               1975

Raipur Local Centre                         1985

Chhattisgarh Stae Centre   29th May 2003


Raipur Local Centre

Chairman                                Year                               Honorary Secretary

Prof. R. C. Gune                     1986-1988                     Dr. A.S.Zadgoankar

Dr. A.S.Zadgoankar                1988-1990                     Dr. R.C. Gurne

Prof. L.R.Agrawal                  1990-1992                     Dr. A.S.Zadgoankar

Prof. L.R.Agrawal                  1992-1994                     Dr. R.C. Gurne

Prof.Dinesh Chandra              1994-1996                     Dr. Y.P.Jain,Dr. G.Sen

Dr.R.P.Sukhija                        1996-1998                     Dr. G.Sen

Dr. G.Sen                                1998-2000                     Er. H.N.Mohta

Dr. G.Sen                                2000-2002                     Er.S.N.Bhatnagar

Dr.Rajesh Pathak                    2002-2003                     Er.Alok Shukla



Chhattisgarh Local Centre

Chairman                                Year                               Honorary Secretary

Dr.Rajesh Pathak                    2003-2004                     Er.Alok Shukla

Er.v.k.Kassu                           2004-2006                     Er.L.N.Tiwari

Er.B.K.Sharma                       2006-2008                     Er.P.K.Rohatgi

Er.P.K.Rohatgi                       2008-2010                     Er.D.P.Sharma

Er.S.N.Taori                           2010-2012                     Er.K.K.Verma

Er.S.K.Shukla                         2012-2014                     Er.V.R.Bhure

Er.L.N.Tiwari                         2014-2016                     Er.H.N.Mohta

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