About IEI

What is IEI

The Institution of Engineers (India), IEI, is a multidisciplinary professional body that encompasses 15 engineering disciplines and gives engineers a global platform from which to share professional interests.

Established in 1920, with its headquarters in Calcutta, IEI has served the engineering fraternity for over eight decades. In this period of time it has been inextricably linked with the history of modern-day engineering.

In 1935, IEI was incorporated by Royal Charter and remains the only professional body in India to be accorded this honor. Today, its quest for professional excellence has given it a place of pride in almost every prestigious and relevant organization across the globe.


Who does IEI serve

IEI functions among professional engineers, academicians and research workers. It provides a vast array of the government, industries, Academia and Engineering fraternity, operating from over 100 centers located across the country.


Does IEI offer educational courses

IEI offers a non-formal engineering course, the successful completion of which is officially recognized as equivalent to a degree in engineering or a post-graduate diploma leading to master‘s degree. Every year, as many as 60,000 candidates appear for these exams which are held bi-annually at examination centre in India and abroad.


What is the IEI mission

To promote and advance the science practice and business of engineering in all its various disciplines.


What can IEI do for you

IEI provides all that you need to further your professional career as an engineer.
Among them are:

  • Continuous professional development through regular professional programmes in India and abroad
  • Opportunities to update professional knowledge through courses conducted by IEI’s engineering staff College of India at Hyderabad
  • A change to participate in Interdisciplinary activities in the fields of rural development, sustainable development, water management, quality, safety and R&D
  • Rights and privileges of being a Chartered Engineer
  • Participation opportunities in national and international seminars, meets, conferences and other activities

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